Non-Clinical Supervision

My non-clinical supervision aims to provide support and strategies to assist you in navigating the rigours of challenging work environments. 

Non-clinical supervision objectives:

  • Analyse and identify stressors in the work environment

  • Discuss appropriate strategies to counter workplace stress

  • Discuss role boundary conflicts

  • Explore barriers to workplace performance.

My approach to non-clinical supervision takes a unique values perspective that enables you to gain an understanding of how your inner processes affect your workplace behaviours. The aim of this approach is to gain better alignment to your values for clearer professional and vocational outcomes.

Sessions are provided via Skype or telephone; are for 55 minutes at a cost of $60 per session. Please email me:  for an initial conversation to discuss suitability of this service in meeting your needs. Standard contact hours are between 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday. Weekend sessions may be possible so feel free to discuss this option too. Some workplaces may cover the cost of this service.

Confidentiality and Disclosure

All information shared in the provision of services is kept confidential. Being bound by 'Duty of Care' means that there are situations where disclosure to a third party may be required to keep you and or others safe. These situations include threat of harm to yourself or others. Disclosure to a third party will not be undertaken without your permission and/or knowledge. Disclosed information will only be relevant to the given situation and does not include all information shared throughout the course of our time together. I am legally required to provide any information requested by the courts through a subpoena.