Communication Skills Workshops

Through raising awareness and skills development, this course of workshops aims to provide you with insights in relation to communication, while offering the opportunity to practice with others. Becoming aware of your verbal and non-verbal communication, will greatly increase your ability to understand the ways you can enhance various interpersonal interactions.

The workshops are offered in several ways for group sizes 8 – 16. The module-based structure means you are able to identify your needs and tailor the course of workshops appropriately. There are 10 workshops available that start with the basics and work towards more advanced skills, and then focus in on more specific situations and topics.

  • Communication overview and its influences

  • Roles and skills involved in communication

  • The Art of Inquiry: 1st level communication skills

  • Seek for Understanding: 2nd level communication skills

  • Exploring what is: The decision-making process

  • Assisting Someone in Need: Risk assessment and referral

  • Resilience and Self-Care

  • Communication in crisis

  • Decision making and problem solving with others

  • Group dynamics

Community Classes

For members of the community who are interested in the workshops, please email me at with your enquiry.

For Organisations

These workshops can be tailored to suit your needs, for employees or clients alike. Feel free to contact me at  to organise a consultation.

Special Group Requests

If you would like to arrange for a workshop that could benefit your group then please contact me for a chat about your requirements and together we can find what skills package will best suit you.


SESSION SIZES: 8 – 16 participants

See pricing page for costs