Eric Livingston


At the heart of what I do, my core values of growth, acceptance, integrity and nurturance guide my vision. My vision is to always provide accessible resources that encourage personal and professional growth.

With over 15 years of experience in community and training, I have always worked to empower clients to overcome challenges in their lives big and small. I have assisted people in working through the darkest periods in their life with the view and understanding that we all need help at some point. In training I have encouraged personal and professional growth to practitioners in many areas of community services, government departments and students both local and international, looking to broaden their career options.


  • Diploma in Counselling - Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

  • Bachelor in Psychological Science - Griffith University

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology - QUT

  • Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management - Distance Learning Australia

  • Diploma of Training Design and Development - Healthy Business Training Academy


  • Group Facilitator - Lifeline

  • Crisis Telephone Counsellor - Lifeline

  • AFL Coach (Junior ) - AFLBJ


  • Mental Health Academy

So why have I created The Values Garden?

I have created The Values Garden to provide a safe, nurturing environment that allows people to learn about themselves and to grow in that process.